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By inputs and outputs here I mean numbers. Now let us say we have a system which we want to learn. In our case we want the black box to learn the price changes of forex market. So forex is for us a non-linear market which cannot be modeled. By modeling I mean one cannot say how the prices change and what influences the prices. How the memory power works is strongly dependent on the design of the neural network, what patterns are aimed to learn and how well the inputs are selected for the outputs that the blackbox has to produce.

Note the following notation. It is opposite to the mql notation, but this will make us understand things easier. NeuralTrend is a neural network system which is designed to learn the forex market movements and forecast it. Lets see the design of this neural network. Once we have designed our network, ie. During training the outputs are also history data and inputs are also history data but not the same. The main usage of the neural networks is only after training. Since we trained our network with history data, it has learnt the patterns that are represented in the training data.

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Now, if we give some inputs to the network, it should be able to give outputs according to the given inputs and based on how well it has learnt patterns in training phase. It is able to do so as it has learnt the patterns of the forex market. Knowing the future EMA we can estimate the what the price would be and can make decisions to buy or sell. Example: In robotics, a robot neural network gets inputs from various sensors temperature, pressure, position, objects in view.

The neural network provides according outputs for the robot to act. In reality, a neural network is more than just a black box and I have to dive into programming in order to explain logic behind it which would be a long topic for this reply. In coming weeks, I would introduce day by day to the actual neural network logic and examples by mql code.

I hope I have explained in short what a neural network is, how it is trained, and how it is applied in forecasting. Neural networks are widely used in Buisiness, financial, weather, non-linear processes forecasting due to their ability to learn unknown processes.

Once taught with history data neural networks are used to know the future values and act accordingly. For a detailed explanation I would suggest to go through only introduction the following online tutorials. Neural Network Tutorial.

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Neural Networks. Introduction to Neural Networks. Widely used application: Neural networks is also used to detect hand written characters on touchpads, PDA, etc… In the following link one can write characters and test how the network is able to detect. Finally I would say that it is not hard to learn Neural Networks and apply, only it is a bit dry topic and needs attention. I learnt it myself and am confident of its ability in forecasting.

I get it now. So you are saying that based on price movements of the past the nn neural network will be able to churn out a future price.

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So in a way it is a program that seeks to trade like many people do in that we look at indicators which show past price movement and we try to ugly word predict future movements. The reason I like the nn as it is applied here is it is mathamaticaly correct and that can be good. Excellent work so far. Im definatly interested and when I have some time i will read your links on nn basics.

I just downloaded and installed the files. In the demo-version it looks very promising. Will test it live on Monday for sure. You got it right. Exactly as you said [B]a well trained neural network is like a highly experienced trader who can easily catch the market movements.

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Never trade with money you cannot afford to lose. All forecasting is based on statistics derived from past performance of any trading methodology is no guarantee of future results. About Feedback. Artikelzustand: Neu. Beendet: Artikelstandort: Barranco Grande, Spanien. Neuro Trend indicator Neuro Trend indicator consists of red and blue dots which are probably the buying and selling signals. The bars should be light blue color. The market should be above the blue and red moving averages. A blue dot should appear below the market.

Place your long position as soon as above conditions are met. Place your stop loss just below the recent swing low. Take your profit when you see a red dot above the market. Selling Conditions Using Neuro Trend indicator.