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Download free forex 4x pip snager 4x pip snager ist eine handelsstrategie die entwickelt wird auf dem devisenmarkt zu handeln. Before we get started though make sure youve finished the school of pipsology lesson on how to use metatrader 4. How to! Due to personal reasons i will be closing this thread down. This should help you out with the basics of installing an ea as well. To start the work of the adviser confirm the setting.

Most people involved in forex trading is familiar with the name pipbreaker. Download free forex 4x pip snager 4x pip snager is a trading strategy that is developed to trade in the forex market. Scalping 5 Pips Ea Forex Factory. Page Title. Senin, 07 Oktober Details About Ayrobot Price Action Ea V3 2 Metatrader 4 Forex Robot Auto Trading Bot Forexpipbot works on range trading market choppy trading market consolidation market trending market in zip file you find ex4 forex expert advisor enter email to download.

Ea Forex 4 Pip. With all the hype that we have seen on their official Facebook page, there is not a single user comment.

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We could not get any verifiable comments from users of this platform. It is the reason why we must expose this robot and any other. There are reasons why we must get comments from verifiable users. Thanks to their comments, we can determine the expected user experience.

And this is the reason why we will be exposing the vendor. Even with the platform selling at different forex stores, there is some disturbing website analysis. It appears that the domain forexsniper.

Ea Forex 4 Pip

What users should know is that the site went live on 13 th January The site is over a year old in the forex trading market and is now for sale. These scam artists are selling the domain to another developer who will come up with a similar product. We will be on the lookout for the domain once it pops up with a different product. Scam artists often recycle products using old domain names. There seem to be two models that trade with different currency pairs and time usage. With the second model, users get an unknown currency pair as the vendor fails to explain it.

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Users of the second model also get a lifetime license that does not expire. Before committing to any online investment products, ensure you do some due diligence.

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Forex Sniper is yet to be regulated by any official regulatory institution. For once, there is no way users get the safety of funds. Without a valid permit from authorities, users are facing a risky situation. The risk is not worth the expected ROI with this platform. There is no mention of the vendor applying for a permit with regulators.

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To check their regulatory status, we checked with various departments all over the world. Both these American regulatory institutions have not heard of this platform. It is the same comments we saw with European regulators. We believe some users from Europe have lodged complaints regarding the robot. Forex Sniper is furnishing users with two models, as listed above.

The robot does not provide any advantage of holding one model or package over the other. What looks like a difference is not big enough; the lifetime license. There should be clear and distinct features expressed by the vendor before the purchase is made. Most users will probably go for the cheaper version, which has no indicated updates information.

The price could be a monthly subscription, as the vendor is not able to determine it. When it comes to contacting the vendor, this is where matters turn nasty. The vendor does not live a direct line to users. One way of communicating with the vendor is through the forex stores. We noticed that the vendor does not list a phone number.

It all points to a vendor who wants to remain anonymous and has no interaction with would-be victims. After you buy the robot, users are left to do the set up on their own. The robot is not making the expected profit margin. Forex Sniper is a scam that must be exposed by all means necessary. I was with a bug and he connected via temviewer and made a lot of tests and something about an hour and a half later of hard working he did it! Solved my problem! Really really kind and attentive! Excellent expert advisor EA.

It works as a scalper, performing quick operations, but which produces a greater probability of success. The technical support provided by Mr. Vladislav Andruschenko is also excellent. He provided all the necessary technical support to enable the TickSniper EA to work in the MT5 account of the broker, which I have an account with.

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The EA must be tested in the "every tick" mode. However, since the strategy tester does not produce floating spread, the adjustment of the parameters related to the signal signal options must be checked and improved in a real account. The EA is sensitive to delay latency in data transmission to the broker, so the same EA running with the same parameters, but on different computers, can generate different performance results in real accounts.

As a suggestion for improvement of TickSniper EA, I propose to implement the calculation of the real profit discounting brokerage expenses applicable to the negotiation of future contracts , for use in the "custom max" criterion of optimization for the backtests. In this case, it will be necessary to define two additional parameters for the calculation of the real profit: cost per contract; and cost per order. Perfect EA for scalping. With a lot of 0. But i'm sure it's possible to optimize the setting even more better. Support by Vladislav is perfect and very fast.

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If you find a bug or you have a good idea to improve EA, he will done as soon as possible. This ea maybe would work good on a big deposit about 10K. He is a scalper is a tick, so not recommended tester MT5 strategies. Best test in demo account have a demo version of EA. Recalling that the connection latency is critical; the lower the latency will be best results.

Excellent service. EA is calculating speed of ticks and adapts to spread to open positions. In case of losses - it is using averaging to anyway close any order with profit. Martingale is also possible, its optional. Averaging and martingale can require a lot of balance for support, so it better to have at least usd on balance for each 0. I have tried to use stop losses instead of averaging, but this was not best decision, because all profit was lost to stoplosses, and balance started to slowly go down.

Maybe its only relevant for my broker, I am not sure. Anyway, averaging without stop losses and without martingale gives around usd profit each month for 0. I cannot recommend any stable symbol for trade right now, you can use MT4 version of this EA to do some tests with But test should be done for broker with fixed spread, otherwise testing results will be incorrect. Tester in MT5 cannot give any reliable results for this EA at all, because it is not intended for testing of scalper EAs. You agree to website policy and terms of use. Category: Experts. Activations: Demo downloaded: 14 Author: Vladislav Andruschenko.

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